Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Library Management System: Database Project - Part I - Introduction

  Library Management System for Imaginary University
  2nd year Database Project

Database management is a wide area of computer science which is essential in most of the applications in order to store and handle data proper and efficient way. Library management system is one of a most frequently used application of database management systems where there is a chunk of information to store and record daily.


University of ABC is a imaginary university of about 12000 students and 1000 of staff. The library system of the university facilitates all students, academic and non academic staff by providing access to the library. Anyone of the university can read books or other documents at the library, but in order to borrow them one should register and get the membership. The membership is valid only for a year and that should be updated afterwards. After getting the membership, a member can borrow 4 books at a time and maximum burrowed period is 2 weeks. Users must return books on or before due date, otherwise they are fined. The fine is rs.5.00 per book for the first week and rs.10.00 per day for further delays. In order to facilitate its users to the fullest University of ABC has decided to keep a database and automate the library system.


Main purpose of managing a database system is to facilitate the users of the library in an efficient way. There are three main requirements of the University for the library system.
  • Store information about books and users
  • Search books
  • Reporting member profiles


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