Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Library Management System: Database Project - Part II - Functional & Non Functional Requirements

  Library Management System for Imaginary University
  2nd year Database Project

Functional Requirements

  • Add/delete/update details of a member for the library staff.
  • Add/remove/change privileges of library staff to access the system
  • All functionalities of an operator ( mentioned below )
  • Add/delete/update book details (location)
  • Issue/accept lent books
  • Issue fine receipts
  • Search books (for location, availability, other related books, etc.)
  • Check user history
  •  only allowed to view data about resources available in the library

Non Functional Requirements

Data validation
Data validation is having valid data for a given type of variable. Data must be validated to ensure the consistency of data.

The security to the data base from unauthorized access is prevented by proper authentication giving access privileges for users. In addition security from SQL injection is prevented at the implementation using HTML methods and php (eg: using php function like mysql_real_escape_string(trim($variable) )

Both the throughput and low response time is achieved by making proper views and indices. They are explained later in the report.

User friendly interfaces are provided. Also in order to prevent mistakes from users proper warnings and alerts are implemented.

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